In Which I Overthink a Superhero Movie

So, a friend of mine and I were watching Iron Man, and when we got to the scene in Act 2 when Pepper replaces Tony’s old arc reactor with a newer version, we got to thinking about the various problems inherent with the arc reactor

The first thing we noticed was that, while Pepper may have canonically small hands, she was reaching just past the wrist inside of Tony’s chest (please get your snickers about Pepper being wrist-deep inside Tony out now, okay?). This struck us as rather odd, since it’s not like Tony Stark is a particularly large guy. We measured her (also small) hand, and figured that Pepper was reaching nearly six inches in. We then estimated that, measured from the sternum to the back, my chest couldn’t be more than eight or so inches deep, leaving barely any room for anything else in that part of the chest. Continue reading ‘In Which I Overthink a Superhero Movie’ »