Return of the Blog and The Night of Smart Decisions

So, I recently spent quite a while rendered completely useless by a sinus infection, which is why I have failed to update the blog in a little over a week (sorry about that, but sinus infections leave both my body and my brain pretty damn useless). I mostly managed to take good care of myself during this time, but there was one night, which I call the Night of SmartTHURS_003B_G_ENG-GB_70x100.indd Decisions, where the idea of doing anything intelligently had been thrown forcefully out the window of my brain to be crushed underfoot.

This was a particularly busy night for me, I had a meeting with some of my classmates about a documentary project for one of our classes and then I was meeting with a friend of mine to see Thor: The Dark World. It just so happened that the meeting ran late enough that there was no time for dinner between it and meeting my friend at the bus stop, but I was too distracted by my excitement for the movie that I didn’t notice.

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Cars, Jerks, and Lampshades

I was telling this story to some friends of mine recently and was told that this would make a good blog story. This is a story of frustration, of terror, and of lampshades. This is the story of my first solo drive.

First of all, it should be noted that I got my driver’s license rather later than most other people, not long before I turned eighteen. I hadn’t gotten myLampshade license beforehand out of both laziness and a disinclination towards driving; I could do it but I did not enjoy it. I only got my license when I was going to be moving away to college, since I knew that I really ought to have it before I left. I took the test a few days before moving away and my license arrived in the mail not long after I started college. As I didn’t have or need a car, I didn’t have the opportunity to make use of my driving ability until I visited home for a weekend about a month after I moved away.

While I visited home, I made arrangements to get coffee with a friend of mine who would be moving away to college herself a few days later. Since the Starbucks we would be meeting at was close to my house, I borrowed my mom’s car to drive there; my first solo drive, but a trip I had made many times before. Seemed simple enough.

Everything was as smooth as could be as I pulled out of my neighborhood and accelerated to match the speed limit. The sky was clear and traffic was light. This should be nice and easy, I thought as I made my way along the road. But then something showed up to get in the way of my progress, a pickup truck loaded with unsecured furniture pulled out of another neighborhood in front of me and only accelerated to 35, a full ten MPH under the speed limit on that road. I was subsequently forced to slow down myself and to give the pickup a ton of space because of the unsecured furniture. I would have passed the pickup but the road was small, only one lane in each direction (as well as a sharp dropoff on either side of the road), so I was trapped. As if that weren’t enough of a nuisance, there was a gigantic black pickup truck behind me, understandably frustrated at the slowdown but unreasonably taking out his frustration on me by riding my ass like his life depended on it. I was trapped between a slow rock and an asshole hard place. Not the best situation to be in, especially when you’re still incredibly new to driving. Still, I was fine, I had it covered. I was only a few minutes from the shopping center anyway.

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Adventures in the Library

Ah, the beginning of the school year. A time of new beginnings, of adventure, and of discovery. More specifically, the discovery that my university’s library is an organizational nightmare, a labyrinthine enigma that would stop a seasoned librarian in her tracks.

Okay, maybe that’s not entirely fair. Most of the library seems to be organized just fine, but the fiction section makes sense only in the mind of an ADHD-and-caffeine-riddled grad student. In fact, such a person was likely the one responsible for this unintuitive mess.WP_000760

You see, I was exploring the library, searching for the Science Fiction and Fantasy section. After at least 30 minutes spent searching the library’s five main floors (me being too proud to actually ask somebody), I realized that all their fiction, “genre” fiction included, resides in the Literature section.

“Oh, that’s actually pretty cool,” I foolishly thought “this school considers genre fiction to be equal to other literature. Sure, it may make it a bit harder to find the science fiction and fantasy that I am so addicted to, but the philosophical equality more than makes up for it.”

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