An Unlikely Dialogue (in which I go meta)

John opened his eyes and found himself in a small dorm room with a blond-haired man, who was furiously working at a desk, alternating between typing on his laptop and scribbling in a notebook.3587847888

“Um… where am I?” John asked the man, who turned around and smiled at John.

“Ah, excellent! I wondered how long it would take for you to get here.”

“From where? And where is here?”

“From my story, obviously. This is my world, and you are part of my story.”

“Wait… you’re the author?”

“Guilty as charged. You see, I brought you here to-”

“What the fuck have you been doing? My story is going unfinished while you dick around!” Continue reading ‘An Unlikely Dialogue (in which I go meta)’ »

Return of the Blog and The Night of Smart Decisions

So, I recently spent quite a while rendered completely useless by a sinus infection, which is why I have failed to update the blog in a little over a week (sorry about that, but sinus infections leave both my body and my brain pretty damn useless). I mostly managed to take good care of myself during this time, but there was one night, which I call the Night of SmartTHURS_003B_G_ENG-GB_70x100.indd Decisions, where the idea of doing anything intelligently had been thrown forcefully out the window of my brain to be crushed underfoot.

This was a particularly busy night for me, I had a meeting with some of my classmates about a documentary project for one of our classes and then I was meeting with a friend of mine to see Thor: The Dark World. It just so happened that the meeting ran late enough that there was no time for dinner between it and meeting my friend at the bus stop, but I was too distracted by my excitement for the movie that I didn’t notice.

That was mistake number one. Continue reading ‘Return of the Blog and The Night of Smart Decisions’ »

Writing Tools

(NOTE: Because of the stupidly difficult undertaking of NaNoWriMo, I will likely not be posting short stories consistently, as the story part of my brain will be burned out. I will, however, be posting other content on the normal schedule during the month of November.)

Hello, everybody! What with the sheer amount that I have been writing lately, both for NaNo and other endeavors (such as this very blog), I have been thinking a lot about writing tools and what works for what circumstances. This post is a brief overview of what tools I personally use for my various projects, in ascending order of complexity; that said, I am not suggesting that what works for me will work for everybody.


1) Pen and Paper7905472_orig

This, of course, is the grandfather of all other writing tools. I don’t use it for full stories now as often as I used to, but it has the advantage of being portable and not reliant on batteries. Even though I rarely draft my stories in longhand, I always keep a pocket-sized notebook and a pen on me to jot down any notes, ideas, or oreminders for myself. To this purpose, my preferred tools are a pocket-sized Moleskine notebook and a Pilot G2 Bold Point gel pen. I particularly love the G2, because it is the only pen that is both comfortable and will not smudge all over my hand, a constant concern for left-handed people like me Continue reading ‘Writing Tools’ »

The Talk

“Listen, Dave… we need to talk.”3587847888

Dave jumped out of his seat and looked around his small dorm room for the source of the voice, but there was nobody in sight.

“Okay Dave, you’re hearing things now too? Wonderful…” he muttered, sitting back down

“I’m not in your head, I’m in here, moron.” The voice said, sounding very nearby to Dave. “No, not under your bed, in here. Your laptop.” Continue reading ‘The Talk’ »